Branding – A Key to Marketing Success is Enhanced with Social Media


– A Key to Marketing Success is Enhanced with Social Media

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Branding and Social Media

Corporate branding initiatives seem to typically be in vogue when the economy is robust, and fall out of favor as the economy dances with recessionary periods. Suspect, is the perceived cost and effort associated with traditional brand building. With the growth of the Internet and social technology tools, opportunities have emerged that find some marketers focusing on online tactics without realizing that an opportunity exists to leverage branding and strategy.

While good old fashioned branding is just as important today, one must understand the nuances and operational tactics inherent in the robust Social Media space.  When properly executed, a successful Social Media Outreach strategy has the potential to drive conversion events that translate into robust branding initiatives.

Social Media buzz is designed to add your brand’s voice to a conversation and direct traffic and awareness to your properties, both online and offline. Converting the messaging of your brand to social media messaging represents the art of a high performance outreach program.  Your contribution must be believable and credible within the confines of your brand identity. Would a Saks Fifth Avenue posting about recessionary shopping be as believable and relatable as a similar posting from Target?

Your brand’s voice should be relevant by remaining within context of the prevailing conversation in that social media platform and affinity group. If you are contributing a comment to an article or blog posting, your brand image will be hurt if the post reads mostly as advertorial rather than as a relevant contribution to the conversation.

Tie your Social Media programs to these principles and you will soon find that Social Media Outreach is affording a gateway to vibrant and prolific branding for your company.

David Alpern ( is Vice President, Strategic Client Services and Stephen Kruger ( is CEO and Founder of Interactive Buzz, LLC., an experienced Social Media company delivering high performance results for the comprehensive activation of Social Media strategies.  The Interactive Buzz team’s experience includes representing Del Monte, Unilever, The Advertising Council, and more.  Past experience included Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Honda, Conde Nast Publications, Scripps Network, NBC, Disney, Microsoft.

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