Email Marketing is Alive and Kicking

Email marketing has gotten a little beat up over the last few years, most notably in the WSJ – Why Email No Longer Rules. People have labeled it as insignificant, or at the very least, as taking a back seat to social media. So it’s nice to see some positive press for this still vital online marketing tactic for sending campaign information, lead gen offers, and newsletters:

· Email Use Increasing, Despite What WSJ Says

· How I Use Email Newsletters to Drive Traffic and Make Money – details this marketers use of e-mail and auto-responders to drive traffic, build community, reinforce brand, and promote:

Email Cycle

In fact, even social media relies on tried and true e-mail with these networks offering up weekly updates that are sent to members’ inboxes listing various activities group members have taken over the past week.

In August 2009, 277 million people used email across the USA, Europe, Australia and Brazil, according to Nielsen Co., a nice increase of 21% from the 229 million reported a year prior.

Adam Engst, the publisher of TidBITS wrote last month on why email continues to rule despite all the competing platforms that have been introduced online: “It all comes down to two simple facts: email is based on open standards, and it’s the lowest common denominator for Internet communication. Any communication system that wishes to supplant email will need to offer both openness and ubiquity, and nothing available today comes even close.”

Ultimately, there are 1:1 communication approaches that can trump the use of e-mail, such as when you’re looking for a quick answer to a question and a phone call (not a voice-mail chase but rather an actual live conversation with the person on the other end) yields an immediate response. An email could languish unread in an inbox or the exchange could involve several back-and-forths, amounting to days’ worth of emails that could be avoided with a five-minute call.

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