Ten Formerly Common Phrases

Every year-end we learn of new words that have made their way into the English lexicon. This year, such accolades have been awarded to “unfriend”, “sexting”, “netbook”, and “paywall”. Previous years have introduced “carbon neutral”, “truthiness”, and “blog” (which is ironically what you are reading right now). In that vein, it would appear that as some terms enter the language others are destined to depart. Here are ten terms that have faded or will perhaps soon be gone:

Where is the nearest payphone?

He sounds like a broken record.

Let’s go to the video tape.

What’s black and white and read all over?

Breaker, Breaker, what’s your 20?

I need your John Hancock.

She’s a walking encyclopedia!

They’re pen pals.

Pardon me. What time is it?

Ask for directions.

Credits: Boston Globe, Steve Rubel, PC World, Clip Art

Posted via email from David Alpern’s Perspectives

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