About Me – David Alpern

I direct Internet marketing campaigns for various clients (automotive, fast food, education, fine dining, non-profit, etc.). My expertise is in search engine marketing (SEM & SEO), site architecture (usability), and social media platforms online.

I have an online marketing consultancy: http://www.InternetOMG.com, which provides Internet marketing consulting services to clients to help generate and drive traffic to their website. A big part of my work for my clients focuses on optimizing and monetizing their sites. Much of this is done via website usability enhancements – meaning to make their site as intuitive and usable as possible. My common sense rule is – if I were a first time visitor to my client’s site, would I know what it is, where I should go (what to click on), and what they want from me?

I am a MOT (member of the tribe) in Southern California and have lived in both the USA and Israel (Netanya & Jerusalem). My favorite city in Israel is Tel Aviv.

Follow me!    www.twitter.com/alpern
Contact Me   David at InternetOMG dot com

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